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Who We Are

Crown Capital (“Crown”) was formed in 2014 to build upon the varied investment and operating experiences of its founding partner. This includes a unique blend of research-driven investment mandates coupled with invaluable operating experience. Our purposeful approach to investing for the long-term, our deep commitment to partnership with our leadership teams, and our focus on creating enduring, market-leading businesses is what differentiates us.

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We Are on a Mission

Crown believes that great companies strengthen families, communities, and nations. Crown strives to preserve and create jobs that provide economic opportunity, engaging work, and purpose to as many people and in as many communities for generations to come.

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Our Philosophy

Crown executes a permanent capital buyout strategy targeting investment opportunities that may appreciate regardless of economic or market conditions. This approach allows us to avoid the excessive leverage and short-term decision-making characteristics of many investment firms. This flexibility also allows us to pursue a unique strategy focused on promoting cross-company collaboration to seize synergistic value creation opportunities.

Crown is a preferred acquirer for owners looking to see their legacy grow post-sale to benefit their employees and communities. We take seriously the responsibility and trust placed in us as stewards to help write the next great chapter of a company’s history. Former owners are often Crown’s biggest advocates in discussions with owners evaluating the best outcome for the sale of their company.